Why work with VIVIDA?
Choosing a storyteller for your business and brand is no small task. It’s important that you find the right team, so that your story is brought to life in the best way.
Let’s tell you about team VIVIDA and what we can offer you.
We Speak Your Language
Many of the team come from the corporate and branding world. We understand what it’s like being on the client side and the pressures you are facing; as well as your expectations of us as an agency. We love brands and respect your guidelines and insights, it’s something we quickly digest.
We Are Good Listeners
You will notice a difference with VIVIDA compared to other agencies. At our first meeting, we won’t come in with flashy presentations and creative concepts; we will ask a lot of questions and listen to what you have to say.

You’ll still get all the creative bits later, but we only start this process once we have delved into your story and business. Often after a session together, new themes have arisen that you might not have initially thought about.
We Are Sponsored By Canon
This is a big plus for VIVIDA. It means our work has been recognised at a very high standard. It also means we have access to new equipment for your video often before other filmmakers do.
We Create Partnerships With A Trusted Client Base
VIVIDA often become viewed as an extended part of your company's team, supporting your events and even presenting at them if you need us to. We can provide extra video and photography services at moments you need documented too.
Agency & Production In One

Often you don’t get to work with a production team directly as they are hired through your creative agency. With us, you get both services through one organisation, which saves on cost, timings and gives a much more personal touch to telling your story.

We also happily work to support existing creative agencies to feed into your overall strategy.

We Are Storytellers

Saving perhaps the best to last, we are dedicated and genuine storytellers. Our project doesn’t end at delivery, it finishes when viewed as we are driven by the end result – to move your audience.

Our Storytelling Formula

We genuinely call ourselves storytellers because of our ability to move an audience. Most of us already appreciate the value and power of video. But at VIVIDA we don’t just rely on this, we have a tried and tested method.

Let’s introduce you to our storytelling formula.

We have to find a way to engage your audience immediately and then hold on to their attention.
Unless the audience is fully engaged then no end result will be achieved.
We consider your story and your audience, to then form the correct approach to engage them.
Now the audience is engaged with your brand and story we need to move them to a deeper level; to actually connect with your communication. This is done by finding a part to the story they can relate to or highlighting themes they will connect with on an intellectual or emotional level.
From connection, we can now move your audience. Quite simply, we move them to achieve the aim of the video.
Whether that is to raise brand awareness, highlight a call to action or to create a specific feeling such as inspiration, empathy or excitement.