The Power Of Animation

Behind The Scenes
The Project
Barclays approached VIVIDA with a real challenge.
To engage and educate a global, internal audience rallying awareness behind a new initiative. The initiative concerned business resilience using business war games, a subject that was naturally content heavy. We took the time needed to digest considerable content before turning it into a concise, engaging video.
We chose animation as the technique to tell this particular story because it is naturally transcendental. Multi-cultural audiences relate and respond positively to animated videos. Just like our favourite cartoons, they stand the test of time. We set the video in the future – 2050. An inspirational tone was employed to emphasise Barclays message.
Using the power of animation we quickly engaged the audience on a topic which they may not naturally be drawn to.
We connect the audience by hosting them on a tour. They are transported and guided by the story.
Animation with subtle humour weaved into the story moved the audience to engage with Barclays new concept.