Animation has the power to draw in an audience quickly and really engage. It grabs attention and keeps your audience connected to the story you’re telling.

VIVIDA welcomes Gabriel as our new Senior Animator & Motion Graphics Artist. He will be heading up our animation team. Gabriel joins our team of storytellers, bringing over 10 years experience, including time spent working on Disney movies.

“I’m so excited to take on this role after following VIVIDA’s work. This is a real privilege for me and I look forward to getting to know VIVIDA’s clients as I immerse myself in their animation requirements.” – Gabriel 

There’s been a large increase in the use of animation for business. VIVIDA has experienced real growth in this area and our team is increasing rapidly. This last year saw us really push the boundaries of employee engagement by using character animation. Just like our favourite cartoons, they draw us in. Animations can also be easily adapted to suit multicultural and multilingual audiences.

Lets face it, some products, services and processes are just damn hard to understand. Audiences deserve a little help. We create animations for clients to convey complex messages in a simple, easy to understand and digestible way.

A lot goes into the animation process. From scripting, storyboarding, artwork often drawn by hand, through to animating the whole creative and bringing the story to life. VIVIDA are proud to be able to offer all of these skills in-house under one roof, making the whole process smooth and easy for our clients.

From infographic animation through to 2D character based animations, we have all creative areas covered.

Are you on the hunt for a great animation storytelling creative for your next project? We would love to chat to you about how VIVIDA can help.