Vivida Moved Offices to Neal's Yard in Covent Garden, London

We are thrilled to announce that this July, we’ve moved offices and our headquarters is now in the stunning Neal’s Yard in London’s Covent Garden.

We have chosen Neal’s Yard – a bright, colourful and vivid location – because these features are exactly what aligns with our own approach in everything we do. Even our name VIVIDA conveys our passion and understanding of colour in visual storytelling, which works so well in the space we’re now in. This is a nice link between our core values and our new creative environment, and it’s important to us to be immersed in an inspiring, vibrant surrounding.

Check out the live video I did on the day of moving in!

Our need for a new, bigger space has come from our growth, both from our team expansion and our ongoing move toward virtual reality in visual storytelling, from 360 video to fully interactive video.

Our team expansion caused our move to this bigger space as we simply needed more room for everyone to be able to be their most creative, genuine self in order to create their best work. We will announce our new team members very soon!

Vivida Moved Offices to Neal's Yard in Covent Garden, London

On another hand, more and more focus on VR naturally requires more room to move, and while we loved our old office space, we were simply becoming limited in our path to grow with virtual reality. This office move will now give us the workspace to keep on creating immersive experiences!

We aim to keep growing, so without doubt, we will grow out of this space just like we grew out of the previous one. This will make us either expand within this area or find a better one, but this space and this location are right for us at this stage of our journey.

Vivida Moved Offices to Neal's Yard in Covent Garden, London

And finally, this is also an invitation for all readers and followers of VIVIDA! We happily welcome guests, so if you want to have a coffee with us or come in and try virtual reality, please do get in touch to arrange a time with us and we’ll be excited to have you here to meet the team and see what we’re up to.

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