VIVIDA: Charley Matthews as our new Virtual Reality developer

You may have seen our excitement about our growth, move to a new office, and our announcement of one of our newest team members, Blasco Goes Jr. Now, we’re excited to introduce another new member of our team – Charley Matthews, our new virtual reality developer!

Charley’s role in VIVIDA

Visual storytelling is our truest passion, and we’re constantly on the search for the best ways to tell a story. This is why we’re focusing so heavily on 360 video and virtual reality, and it’s the exact reason why Charley joined VIVIDA at this perfect time!

On a day to day basis, Charley will design and develop new and innovative experiences in VR, ranging from areas of business, through education and training, all the way to cinematic and beyond.

Some days may involve the design and creation of 3D models. These may be buildings and foliage, or props like cameras and chairs, and even biological models like people and animals. Other days involve creating interactive features in virtual reality, like being able to pick objects up in the environment and throw them around, or the ability to shoot something in the VR space.

These are just a few examples of features that give our storytelling its true interactivity and why we’re so enthusiastic about virtual reality! Other Charley’s tasks include 3D animation, lighting and environment, texturing models and applying audio. He also consistently researches and upskills within development in augmented reality.

VIVIDA: Charley Matthews as our new Virtual Reality developer

Charley’s impact in VIVIDA

Charley will help us on this brilliant journey and help us push VIVIDA’s ideas into the exciting new platform of virtual reality! This will allow our clients to interact with stories that VIVIDA tells, and create their own journey. He helps us create interactive spaces and architecture to bring depth and immersiveness to our work.

To achieve this, Charley is constantly on the lookout for what is happening in the industry, as VR is a young and fast-expanding world. He also likes to use his time to think forward to the uses and development of the Microsoft Hololens and the doors that the hardware will open for us.

His work will allow us to distribute our passion on a new and exciting platform that is currently taking the world by storm, as well as allowing us to offer services that we couldn’t before, such as virtual training and education, as well as pre-production visualisation. This will help us gain competitive edge and advantage.

And in Charley’s own words…

Virtual reality is such a thrilling journey for us because it allows us to bridge the gap between our imagination and reality. It makes so much impact, both for businesses and audiences.

VIVIDA: Charley Matthews as our new Virtual Reality developer

Charley’s background & journey to VIVIDA

Charley studied game design for two years in college and four at University, where he focused on virtual reality and its vast range of applications. He created 4 projects that used VR in a range of ways, from helicopters to animals in a first-person perspective.

He has been self-employed for a while before joining VIVIDA, creating websites and designing spaces.

He found VIVIDA as the right opportunity for him because of our forward-thinking and creative nature, our careful attention to detail and passion for the client and their vision.

Charley perfectly fits in with our mission to engage, connect and move our client’s audiences with visual storytelling, as well as our new creative space in Neal’s Yard, an area with a unique vibe and character that really adds to VIVIDA’s creativity and atmosphere.

Get in touch!

You can look at Charley’s portfolio and his YouTube channel, as well as connect with him on LinkedIn and chat to him about all things VR!