Leap of Faith
We explore an athlete at his peak, overcoming adversity to achieve his goal of crossing the finish line. The story of a hurdler, a man whose obstacles are symbolically overcome leap by leap is a triumph of the human spirit.

The Project
Our focus was man’s need to aspire, an integral
part of the human condition. In his race towards the finish line, we explored the personal journey of an athlete at his peak, overcoming the hurdles placed in front of him. The audience was taken on a journey, privy to the internal thoughts of a focused athlete.
We focus on aspiration, creating a brand presence built on showcasing a raw, human story. The audience is guided by the internal mechanism of our athletes focus - this is his moment. Canon has since used this piece on a large commercial scale.
Engaging the audience by showcasing our athlete as human.
We connect with the audience by taking them on a journey of overcoming physical adversity.
The audience were moved as direct result of being placed in the mind of our athlete.
Behind The Scenes