Changing Perceptions of Disability - Soap Co

The Project
In partnership with Business In The Community (BITC),
VIVIDA has the privilege of hearing the stories of some incredible companies. One of these remarkable stories led to an introduction to Soap Co; a social enterprise that employs the visually impaired.

In our desire to discover more, VIVIDA visited Soap Co to experience their great work first hand. We walked away heartened and inspired, sincerely believing that there was a story to be told.
We uncovered the fact that some employees felt disconnected from society. They were perceived as outsiders, misunderstood by their community. We needed to tell their story. We needed to rethink.

We told the stories of four incredible individuals who shared a common thread of overcoming adversity with the help and support of Soap Co. Weaving the four stories into a single, strong message conveyed a sense of unity, highlighting the importance of the communities perception of disability.
We introduced the audience to real people and everyday themes.
Our audience empathised with the stories unfolding before them. The simplicity of the studio as a backdrop placed the emphasis on the individuals narrating their stories.
Their story encouraged companies to revisit their employment policies, creating opportunities for disabled members of the community. By moving audiences we break down preconceptions about the visually impaired. We advance the cause of seeing the person, not their disability.
Behind The Scenes