ReapShares - Empowering Women in Northern Ghana
Reaching the Heart of the Story

The Project
Founder of ReapShares, Eric Owusu FRSA approached VIVIDA to tell his story.
ReapShares is a social enterprise who are going from strength to strength in their ambition to partnership with the women in Ghanaian communities, to provide a product based business using shea butter. Eric recognised that by telling the ReapShares story to the world it would help with further funding and support.
Eric originally came to us wanting to tell the story of right now, the current day situation for ReapShares. But after spending time delving into Eric’s story we realised that we needed to take the audience right back to the beginning. This wasn’t about purely asking for a one-off donation, it was about getting the audience to respect the enterprise, naturally leading to long term partnerships and support.
VIVIDA engage the audience by transporting them to a rural village in Ghana - the heart of the story. The visuals are accompanied by an authentic voiceover that guide the viewer through a thought provoking experience.
Everyone has an emotional response to the subject of health and providing for a family. We focus on these core basic needs and connect on a very human level.
We’re moved by their positivity in face of hardship and ambition to provide a better future for the next generation of their community. Views are moved to want to support ReapShares and the women due to the genuine expressions, backdropped by authentic villages. This storytelling moves an audience beyond words.
Behind The Scenes