We Are The Resilient
Working with The Prince’s Responsible Business Network

The Project
Perhaps VIVIDA’s biggest privilege to date. We were asked by The Prince’s Responsible Business Network (BITC) to create a story that would recognise the resilience of businesses across Great Britain as they prepare for and survive their moment of crisis.

Our mission was to create a short, engaging story highlighting that the preparation of businesses and their actions before they are faced with adversity is what really counts. Businesses need to leave nothing to chance. The idea was not to scare, but to inspire audiences to get themselves ready; individually and within their communities.
Team VIVIDA led the entire creative, managing everything from scripting, location scouting through to the selection of businesses. The whole of team VIVIDA came on board for the production, with a crew of 15 for the entire week long shoot.

VIVIDA are always driven by the end result; the audience's reaction. So we were delighted to be given the opportunity to premiere the video at a special BERG event held at Barclays headquarters. It was a great moment for the team as we got to see first-hand the fantastic response from businesses as they watched our creative for the first time.
Special thanks to Barclays and Adler & Allan.
We created a video that was just 60 seconds, making it digestible and easy for social media use.
We captured a diverse range of businesses across the country; in different scenarios. As a viewer we can all identify and connect with at least one of the scenarios.
We take the fear out of the message in order to move the audience to act. We focus on making businesses feel proud as they identify their part in a larger resilience movement.
Behind The Scenes