We work with ‘change-makers’ who need to inspire

Many global organisations struggle to inspire a passion for change in their people.  There is no engagement, no empathy, no change of behaviour.  VIVIDA virtual reality experiences address this.

Using innovation to tackle the most important issues

  • Diversity &
  • Resilience
  • Empowerment &
  • Security &
  • Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility
  • Mental Health & Well-being

No other technology comes close

Telling stories through virtual reality gives people a uniquely personal immersive experience.  One that allows them to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, as if it were real.

Why Clients Choose Us

Cost effective

Simulate experiences that are high-risk, life-threatening or too expensive to consistently repeat in real life.

Anytime, anywhere

Virtual reality travels with your people. It’s accessible on-demand, using a portable headset and optional laptop.

Impactful experiences

Instead of observing, our virtual experiences are designed to place you in the story.

Highest level of retention

Using VR, VIVIDA makes sure information is unforgettable.

Virtual Reality Showcase

Our expert team combine storytelling with the highest levels of interactive design to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

Cyber Security – Sky View Project
Fire Safety – Sky View Project
Diversity & Inclusion Premiering Fall 2019 View Project
Barclays Virtual Reality Control Centre View Project

Video & Animation

Our expertise is founded in the power of storytelling using moving image and video.

Burberry Inspire View Project
Helena Bourdillon Case Study View Project
We Are Resilient View Project
The Near Miss Story View Project