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“Our human stories put a real face to your organisation.”


Stories, when told well, touch us emotionally; they inspire, encourage, motivate and transform us. Stories can do so much more than entertain. They have the power to communicate a vision for the future and to drive cultural change. They can convey goals, and build commitment in teams to achieve them. The more personal and relatable a story is, the more powerful the connection with those hearing it. When people discover they share common values, they build relationships more readily, they become more collaborative, and are ready to embrace change and cultural transformation.

“Our skill in finding the human stories will give your business personality”

The team that makes up VIVIDA are visual storytellers; we are all inspired by human stories. We like to do things differently for our clients; pushing boundaries, exploring what’s possible, so you achieve your marketing and communication objectives.


Create a buzz

If you need to engage a large audience, your communications need to focus on people; your employees and your customers. They also need to be crafted with passion.


Amplify your team’s successes

If you are a business that wants to foster a positive culture, where your employees will prosper, celebrating your people and recognising them for who they are and what they achieve is vital.


Share your vision

If you are a business that wishes to communicate with external audiences, whether it’s customers or other stakeholders, you need to use stories to bring your vision to life.

Simeon Quarrie A Great Visual Storytellers

Our team, led by Simeon Quarrie, understands what makes people “tick”. We see extraordinary stories in everyone. We love helping businesses find the stories in their teams and helping them tell those stories.

We will take time to learn about you, we will find the stories that are hidden in your business and recommend the best, visual way to tell those stories. Every business is unique, and every person is unique; we will tailor our approach to your business, who you’re aiming to reach and what your business objectives are.

“Because we believe the human story engages more than anything else.”

We’re not just good at finding interesting stories. Fortunately, we‘re also incredibly creative. Oh, and we’re pretty good with technology too. We will use whichever technology will tell your story in the strongest way. Utilising video, photography, digital media, and virtual or augmented reality, we’ve helped lots of incredible companies to tell their stories. We can’t wait to help you tell yours.

Because of our track record we’ve been selected to participate in the Canon Ambassador Programme. This brings together some of the world’s best photographers and videographers to inspire and educate people throughout Europe and Africa. Our founder, Simeon, is also a member of the “G-Team”, which means he is frequently invited to speak on creativity and best practice in videography around the world. Recently he’s been booked by Apple, Canon, YouTube and Barclays and he can’t wait to work with you.

Do you need to engage, inspire, and captivate your people?
Or do you need to totally transform your company’s culture?
Whichever it is, let’s talk.

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