Established in 2003,  VIVIDA is a dynamic agency using virtual reality to kickstart behavioural and cultural change.  We have years of industry experience in video and animation and harness this passion for poignant storytelling to alter awareness, change perceptions and create cultural change.

What makes VIVIDA special?

We use our expertise to confront social, cultural and ethical issues embedded within organisations.  We tackle stereotypes in sensitive, objective and thought-provoking ways.  With VIVIDA experiences you are more than just a viewer.   You interact with the environment and are drawn into a powerful narrative created just for you. 

Our team works closely with clients to understand the organisation, its structure, the workforce and its objectives.  With this collaborative approach we get the best possible results and ensure that no other narrative or experience is ever the same.

Our belief

As a whole,  VIVIDA aims to help organisations identify how they can be better. We believe in creating a fair and inclusive work environment, providing opportunities for all.  We want to instil resilience and confidence in the workforce so that they are ready to deal with the unexpected. 

Empathy is key, something which we feel plays a central part in individual and collective success.

How we help

Every VIVIDA virtual reality story is an experience that viewers can’t help but internalise and learn from, whether it’s practical training, increased empathy or building resilience. Our experiences can create a workforce equipped with tools to deal with upsetting, unsettling or traumatic experiences inside and outside the organisation. 

 We can inspire passion in stagnant workplaces where communication has broken down or productivity is suffering. Our approach is lightyears ahead of boring, expensive and ineffective methods and uses cutting edge technology in an exciting way.