Jon Gannon
“This was my chance to drive change”

“Find a new way of doing things, establish a process and build a department.” How would you feel if you were presented with this challenge? It could be your chance to shine or worst case, fail.

As I spoke to Jon in NYC over skype, I could hear the tension in his voice. It was all coming back. It was a story that our entire team couldn’t wait to tell.

Organisations like Barclays continuously evolve. Departments grow and business functions change. For the wider business to meaningfully engage with a new system or department, everyone needs to understand ‘Why’ they should. Barclay’s wanted all employee’s to know the new team dedicated to Resilience was open for business and designed to challenge and also help the business.

Barclay’s and VIVIDA didn’t want the newly formed “Near Miss” department to appear clinical. So we took a human and personal storytelling approach. Often we back the underdog. So it was important that we highlight the personal challenge, so that we appreciate the achievement.

VIVIDA travelled to New York to tell the story
A Behind the Scenes Look

VIVIDA and Barclays chose animation for this story. We wanted to go back in time and tell a story that crossed multiple continents and didn’t involve acting. Our team interviewed Jon to understand the challenge, the journey and the outcome. Then worked with an amazing artist Justina and our talented animator Gabriel.

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