How to Start Using Video to Grow Your Business

The power of video isn’t a new thing, and it isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay.

We learn better, feel more and take action confidently because of video.

But how to get started? With many challenges, from content strategy to execution and equipment, it’s a lot to take in. This is why we’ve put together the key actions for you to take to start amplifying your reach and success with video!

Fit your videos in your brand and marketing goals

As with any other marketing channel, you should approach video in a systematic, measurable way that lets you reflect on its success, replicate what worked, and fix what didn’t.

In order to success, each video needs a goal.

We’ve written before about the different metrics and goals you can (and should) set for your videos on social media. Similar advice applies here as well. Other than on social media, you can amplify your video through email, natively on YouTube and Vimeo, through direct outreach, in paid search, and many other channels.

Goals are important so you can make data-backed decisions and ensure your future efforts are always informed what has and hasn’t worked in the past. While there can be many more granular goals, they can usually be sorted in broad marketing goals:

  1. Creating brand awareness
  2. Increasing conversion rates
  3. Hiring top talent
  4. Building a strong community

Any video you decide to create should fall into one of these four categories. If it doesn’t, ask yourself what is it that this video could bring to your business and decide whether it’s worth your time and effort.

Know the types of video available to you

The full range of types and formats of video would be well beyond the scope of this post – and also possibly overwhelming if you’re only getting started with video.

Instead, let’s cover the two key approaches to video, with their key difference being their production: pre-recorded and live video.

With pre-recorded video, you can pretty much enrich any touchpoint you have with your audience and customers. For example…

  • Your customer emails and/or newsletters
  • Thank you pages
  • Blog posts

On another hand, live video holds the incredible benefit of scarcity: people don’t want to miss out on what’s going on right now. While less polished, live video allows for lots of raw, real feeling of immediacy, which can strongly resonate with viewers and give an additional personal touch. You can…

  • Hold live Q&A sessions with experts in your business
  • Broadcast live from industry events
  • Demonstrate a product on air

As the technology becomes more available to marketers, these formats and styles can be enriched with the use of 360 video, virtual reality and augmented reality, and especially with the growing value of 360 video in live broadcasts. Storytelling through them is more challenging and requires some further upskilling, but it’s important to keep it in mind and constantly grow your visual storytelling over time.

Ideas for video in your marketing strategy

Now that you have an idea of how differently produced videos play into your messaging, you might want to know all the different formats and topics you can cover in these videos. This may as well be a never-ending list, but we hope these ideas will be enough to help you get creative and get started!

A how-to tutorial. A great way to make your viewer better and more equipped to do something better simply by watching your video! It brings a lot of value without asking for anything in return, which empowers your brand and authority.

Product demonstration. And we don’t mean a dry, monotone demonstration. Think of what will truly hit home for your viewer when watching your demo and make them think: “THIS is what I’ve been looking for all along”!

Customer-generated content. Your customers are the best storytellers. They’re out there in the trenches with your product and your brand. Encourage them to film their experiences and share them with you. This works so well because it’s raw, natural and extremely convincing because it shows what you do in the real world!

Success stories/testimonials. This is a more produced step forward from customer-generated content. Again, thinking in a way that will truly move your viewer, brainstorm the creative and maybe unusual ways you can tell a customer success story and bring value instead of pushing the sale.

Behind-the-scenes. People love behind-the-scenes because it makes them participate in what seems limited to a very few pairs of eyes. It shows the people behind a corporate brand name, and it transitions feelings, struggles and celebrations. Don’t be afraid to show who the people behind your brand really are!

Interviews. Expert interviews are a great way to showcase industry expertise, authority on the topic, and provide mountains of value. It lets your viewer learn a lot from a simple fireside chat-type of video!

Personality is everything

The reason visual storytelling is so powerful lies in its ability to reach a person on an intimate level. When you’re talking to the camera or telling a story with video, it becomes a one-on-one relationship between you and the viewer.

Making a personal connection is the key, and it doesn’t have to be complicated! It’s crucial that you stay authentic and true to your tone of voice, brand message and the vocabulary you would use as if you were talking to a customer instead of the camera. Don’t use jargon or dumb down your wording for a video if you wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Focus on what you truly believe makes you and your company stand out. Conveying the passion and enthusiasm you have for what you do and how you can help your customers never fails to reach your ideal audience!

Make them come back

What is the reason someone will watch your video all the way through to the end? Will the video educate them, make them feel something, encourage them to take action? Will it make the viewer better in some way?

This is a more thorough way of looking into your earlier defined goals. If you know how you want your videos to impact your viewers, the key to making them keep returning to your videos again and again is consistency.

If they learned something, they’ll want to learn more. If they felt some kind of way and wanted to act upon it, they will come back for more. So give them more!

You can ensure this by creating 3-5 ‘buckets’ for your videos and making sure that all of your videos fall into one of your buckets rather than being an odd video that’s drastically different from all the others. This will also help you keep a consistent schedule and always have plenty of topics to choose from when it’s time to film. Your viewers will know what to expect and when to come looking for it!

Another great way you can give more of what your viewers came for is by creating a video series or a weekly/monthly themed video!

Don’t forget your CTA

Last, but definitely not least: don’t forget to tell your viewers what’s their next step! Your call to action (CTA) needs to closely relate to the goal you set for your video mentioned earlier in this post.

If your goal falls into brand awareness, you may ask your viewer to share the video, go to your website or to a specific blog post that covers more of the topic that you mentioned in your video.

If your goal relates to sales, your call to action may simply be to direct your viewer on where to buy a specific product. You can also have a special offer such as discounts as a CTA.

If you want to hire top talent and use your videos to reach them, your call to action can be to get in touch regarding a position or a category on your blog that showcases your company culture, behind-the-scenes with employees and your office events.

If you’re hoping to build a community, you can use your CTA to direct your viewer to a place (such as a Facebook group or a Twitter chat) to participate in a conversation with like-minded people and ask questions.

Also, always keep in mind to only have one call to action per video. More than that and you’re confusing your viewer!

I hope this is enough to get you started on this video journey in your business! Have a look at some more resources:

Any thoughts? Let us know!

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