We tell stories by any means necessary

Here’s the thing: We believe there’s no better way to celebrate the people and customers of your business than with video. If you’re wondering why, it’s quite simple: as humans, we all want a personal connection. We’re looking for trust, personality, and heart.

And by putting a human face to your business with video, you can quite literally look your perfect audience in the eye and create a lasting connection with them. Our process involves creative brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, top-level equipment, and much more, so that we can make this connection happen.

In our experience, video works well no matter the goal you want to achieve with it. You can reinforce your brand with stories of extraordinary things people have achieved because of you and your product, build trust into what you do, and hire the best talent in your industry.

The advantages for your business
Show your true core as a brand: your business are your people, teams, and passions
Create emotional connections with your audience
Repurpose video cost-effectively on your website, social media and emails
Become memorable and stand out from your competitors

Our favourite thing about animation is that it’s essentially limitless. Because it’s not restricted by space, weather, props, or even reality, animation is the perfect technology to distill complex information into an engaging, relatable story that’s easy to digest.

Animation carries the power to take your viewer to the future, back in time, or to an entirely different world—whatever works for them. They are taken on a tour and naturally guided by the story. Animation creates context, environment, and a storyline that your audience understands.

The best benefit of animation is that it doesn’t simply have to be impersonal. Extraordinary brands can still create a relatable experience and a personal journey. And finally, animation is visually appealing and it can elevate your entire brand, making it not only unique, but also attractive and memorable.

The advantages for your business:
Engage worldwide audiences through an inclusive visual style
Reach and excite viewers on subjects they may not be naturally drawn to
Use animated content for a long time as it’s not quickly outdated with internal changes

We believe that nothing draws you in so quickly like a picture of a person does. And once you’re drawn in, you often find yourself wanting to know more about the person. A photograph that’s taken in the right way gives you clues to personality, strengths, vulnerabilities, and the story behind it.

Another benefit of photography is that is one of the rare formats that can be taken from the online world and in front of the real-life, offline audiences. And in the world when everyone is able to take photographs of themselves, we believe it’s even more important to use storytelling photography to support brand values.

When you want to tell the story of your business with photography, there’s much more involved than simply taking professional headshots. Your photography needs to show what makes you—you, from the people that your business is made of, what you stand for, how you make your customers’ lives better, and why you do what you do.

And because of this, we put a lot of attention and effort into our storytelling, our photography techniques, the best equipment, and the skill to find your truest moment and capture it.

The advantages for your business:
Show moments that make you and people in your business unique
It’s exclusive to your brand, differentiating you from typically dry and impersonal stock photography
Keep your brand’s identity consistent across all platforms and channels, online and offline
Tell your core message by genuinely showcasing different aspects of your business

If you thought virtual and augmented reality are just about gaming, we’re here to prove you wrong. We believe that the best thing about VR and AR is that they give you a chance to create worlds that individuals can experience from a first-person view.

What excites us the most is that for the first time in a long time, we have a new way of telling a story. We can now transport you into a totally different environment, so you’re not watching the story, but you’re within the story and a part of that journey.

So what is it that each of these technologies are special for?

Virtual reality is a computer technology that lets us carve out a new world using 3D technology and we get to place the viewer within this environment that they can interact with. The viewer can engage with a story using a headset, fully immersed and with nothing to compete for his attention. The best thing? We have full control over every part of this experience. Another thing we love is creating 360 video content using a special camera to draw the viewer into a new space.

Augmented reality is slightly different because it combines data from the physical world and the one created digitally. It overlays the real world image with virtual items with a headset, tablet, or a mobile phone. This is when we use the best of both worlds—digital and the real one—when they work together to improve the viewer’s experience.

The advantages for your business:
Make your storytelling personalised and dynamic
Create unforgettable experiences and stand out as a brand
Induce empathy and emotional reactions
Creative user journeys like product demos, learning experiences, training, employee engagement, and a fun way of educating

The creative process
The first step is to work with our clients to tease out the stories that will resonate with their audience. We extract key quotations from what people say, to develop messaging that will achieve our clients’ communications and brand goals.
Then it is over to our designers and editors. They will take each story and develop a suite of written content, short films and images. These will form part of the communications plan for broadcast across web and social media.

The advantages for your business

Reach a wider audience – using content that tells a story, rather than more traditional marketing tools, e.g., adverts, enables you to connect with, and inspire, a much wider audience than you otherwise could. This will result in increased traffic and interaction with your campaign, resulting in comments, “likes” and shares.

Build brand awareness – distributing content of this kind can create lasting brand awareness and loyalty. Enduring messages live on in people’s minds, fuelling audience engagement long after they’ve viewed your content. This helps to captivate people, to inspire them and even to transform behaviours. This is why the use of digital content is more effective than anything else, when looking to drive cultural change.

Cost effective – the use of digital channels will enable your marketing budget to go much further, when compared with more traditional forms of broadcast media. Once the content is produced, it can be repurposed and broadcast across various channels at relatively low cost.

“Not only is the use of stories, conveyed visually, as described above, more cost effective for your business, but significantly more effective in delivering a message your audience will remember.”

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