Burberry Inspire

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“We believe creativity doesn’t have a class, but it should have a classroom”

When the Burberry Foundation came to VIVIDA with a plan to encourage creativity in young people, we knew that it was a cause worth fighting for.  Most young people – and parents – think that working in creative industries such as fashion, design, film or photography is unrealistic.  They are conditioned to think that there’s no point in even trying due to lack of prospects or a steady income, meaning that many young people have untapped artistic potential that could lead to fulfilling futures.

This sentiment hit Simeon hard.  As a creative himself, he too was brought up to believe that the film and video industry was out of reach.  Together with the Burberry Foundation and the Ideas Foundation, VIVIDA helped define a story and launch a campaign designed to shift these limiting beliefs and lead young people to think positively about creative roles.  VIVIDA proudly dubbed the project ‘Burberry Inspire’, a title that the brand loved and ultimately used to name the final campaign.

VIVIDA’s skillful storytelling put Burberry’s heritage at the centre of the story.  Filmed in Yorkshire – a place close to the brand’s heart, where their factories still function today – the video follows disadvantaged young people as they visit local creative hotspots such as Leeds Playhouse, Leeds Young Film, Northern Ballet and The Hepworth Wakefield.  This video alongside additional imagery by VIVIDA was used to publicise the 4-year programme, which studies how creative education can help young people transcend challenging circumstances.

The aim was to not just inspire a few individuals, but instead to truly drive cultural change so that future generations are no longer disheartened when following their creative passions.  The video campaign has been viewed tens of thousands of times and received incredible engagement on social media.  The true sign of its success has been the subsequent programmes that have been rolled out internationally by Burberry, off the back of the initial UK project.