Cyber Security – 360° Animation & Video

  • Virtual Reality


The brief from Barclays and BITC (Business In The Community) was to showcase their B-Resilient initiative, which is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. Organisational resilience isn’t typically foremost in the minds of business owners, but is becoming increasingly important. Our objective was to raise awareness of the subject by creating a video that is thought provoking and powerful.

VIVIDA’s Approach

We wanted to ensure the final product was engaging for the target audience, namely, the employees of the companies that Barclays work with. We believed this could be achieved most effectively by focussing on an organisation of cyber criminals, with the viewer, or staff member, one of the gang members. We created a 360° immersive animation and video and the viewer effectively takes part in a meeting where the criminals plan a cyber attack.

The 360° nature of this type of technology allows us to place the viewer at the centre of the experience; something which can’t be achieved with conventional film. Recalling information from our own experiences is a much more effective way to learn and is why this type of video and virtual reality is so impactful.

The Technology

VIVIDA use specialist cameras to film an environment in 360°. This immersive technology is unparalleled in the way that it enables the audience to be a part of the narrative, in this case the meeting.

As the cyber criminal meeting gets underway, the viewer engages with events and reacts to what unfolds. Associations are made in the mind of each audience member, with the experience stored as a memory to be recalled as necessary. Even subconsciously, the experience will inevitably influence their future decisions and actions in the workplace.

The video was shown to a range of stakeholders at an event at The Royal Albert Hall, London, where it was extremely well received.

Mike Still (BERG – Chairman) described the 360° experience as ‘absolutely fantastic.’

Minnie Moll (East of England Co-Op – Joint CEO) said that for her the most striking scene
was ‘the 360° experience of sitting at the table’ where, as a viewer, you ‘feel you are at that table, looking round.’ She added that this was ‘really impactful.’

Simon Rosson (McKinsey & Company – Sustainability and Social Impact) commented
that he had seen 360° work before, but this was the first time he had ‘seen something like this where it is so informational and helpful. I hope as many people as possible can experience it.’