Cyber Security – Sky

  • Virtual Reality

Global companies are well aware that phishing is a major security threat to their business. That’s why Sky wanted to engage their people to tackle the issue of cybersecurity. Most employees don’t think they’re at risk, but Sky needed to change their minds.

In response, VIVIDA pushed VR boundaries and created a brand new experience called ‘Date With a Hacker’. Users were immersed in conversation with a cybercriminal hacker known only as Grimace. Listening intently, employees learned the real intent behind his malicious emails and the tricks he uses time and time again to extract personal information from his victims.

Staff were left enlightened, having gained invaluable knowledge from inside the mind of a hacker. This unique point of view could never be recreated in a real-life setting, but the lasting impact was palpable. After the experience, 90% of people said that ‘Date With a Hacker’ made them more aware of the methods and techniques used to target Sky and its employees.

The experience toured nationally supporting the brand’s Safe @ Sky message, making Sky more resilient by building awareness and making individuals not only fully cognisant of the issues, but to also care about them.