Fire Safety – Sky

  • Virtual Reality

Like all businesses should, Sky takes the health and safety of their people seriously. However, with a solid fire safety plan in place, there was one clear problem. How could they get the team on board? They knew that their training needed to be engaging to be impactful. Traditional training methods don’t inspire change. Sky wanted to create genuine interest and change thought patterns and behaviours for the greater good. That’s where we stepped in.

At VIVIDA we specialise in bringing tiresome topics to life. For Sky, we combined captivating storytelling techniques with the latest VR technology to build a unique, virtual live experience. The project (aptly named ‘Fire – The Hot Seat’) put people inside a virtual burning building, with the ability to formulate and try out potentially life-saving decisions in real-time. In the immersive world of VR, team members felt the gravity of the situation without the physical danger. The message delivered was act fast but with a cool head. In fact, 71.4% of those who took part in the experience said that they would react differently to fire alarms in the future.

Showcased initially to senior management at Sky, ‘Fire – The Hot Seat’ was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Sky took the project on a national tour to deliver the Safe @ Sky message company wide and 100% of those asked said that they preferred VR learning experiences over traditional methods.

A supporting video was shown company-wide so everyone could learn about fire safety in a way that is truly engaging. Sky employees now understand the Safe @ Sky message and perceptions around fire safety are forever changed.