Helena Bourdillon Case Study

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Helena Bourdillon Survival and triumph over mental illness

Helena’s story is extraordinary. So much so that our founder, Simeon Quarrie, may consider it to be the most important project he has ever undertaken.

For years, Helena sensed that things weren’t quite right but it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she realised she was living with depression. In this video, Helena shares her own experience with mental illness whilst vividly recounting her first freedive. An experience that set her on a different trajectory and reignited her childhood dream of representing Great Britain.

For Helena, that first freedive silenced the negative voice of depression. As she lays her story bare in front of the camera, we see how mental illness can not just overcome but act as a catalyst to move forward and achieve great things. Helena’s achievements are a testament to her message that anyone can succeed. It is this message that we want everyone to hear, and through the use of videos like Helena’s, we can convey it to limitless individuals around the world. The video was also played on Cable TV across Europe via RTL. Thus, creating a culture of understanding and changing attitudes towards mental health, an issue still marred by misunderstanding and misinformation.

It took Helena considerable strength to share her story with Simeon, and through this video she is now able to share it with you.

The video has been viewed thousands of times across multiple platforms and it is our hope that the video continues to be watched and shared. The video is helpful to everyone on some level, be it through educating on the issue of mental health or in helping to achieve a personal goal. Helena’s story reminds us all that anything is possible. It has been featured by brands including Canon and Rotolight to help raise awareness of mental illness.