We Are Resilient

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“Resilience. The ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity”

What would it take for your business to be damaged beyond repair, physically, financially or technically? Take a second to really, really think about it. Scary thought, isn’t it? Small and medium-sized businesses are often much more vulnerable – and major disruptions can often be catastrophic.

‘Resilience’ isn’t a word that most SME business owners think about very often; VIVIDA were asked to help change that, with a video entitled “We Are The Resilient.”

Rick (in the image above) is a personal friend of the team here at VIVIDA. His rare and prestige cars often be seen on TV and in films. Resilience for Rick means ensuring his vehicles are kept safe from the elements – especially in adverse weather conditions – and ‘adverse weather’ happens pretty often here in rainy old England. For us here at VIVIDA our greatest vulnerability is the potential loss of equipment and data.

A variety of disruptions that could affect your business include flooding, fire, loss of electricity, water or gas, IT/telecommunications outages, cyber/terror attacks and civil unrest. It might seem slightly pessimistic, all a bit doom and gloom, or even unnecessary to think about any of the above – but ensuring your business is prepared and resilient to any and all threats is imperative to your success.

The charity, Business in the Community commissioned VIVIDA to produce this film to raise awareness of the disruptions that can happen to businesses at any time, whether small, medium or large. Those that have worked so hard to make something happen will do anything to keep it alive. These people have, and they want to inspire others to do the same.

A special thanks to Barclays and Adler & Allen for funding the project.

For information on this production, we would love you to stay hanging out with us and see some of the Behind The Scenes: