This Made Us Cry: 80% of Blind People Are Still Looking For Work

With the World Sight Day happening today – October 12th – we thought of this as the perfect time to share some of our work with Soap Co. They are actively leading an incredible cause, and this is the perfect opportunity for us to make their message reach as many people as possible!

About World Sight Day

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment, and is held on the second Thursday in October each year. In 2017, it is on Thursday, October 12th, and the international theme for World Sight Day 2017 is Make Vision Count.

World Sight Day was established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2000, and it is the main advocacy event for raising awareness about blindness and vision impairment for VISION 2020: The Right to Sight, a global initiative created by WHO and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

If you’d like to add your voice to this cause, take a moment here and think about what you can personally do, like spreading the awareness through social media using the #WorldSightDay hashtag, sharing The Soap Co.‘s story, or by joining forces with a local community.

The powerful initiative by The Soap Co.

In partnership with Business In The Community (BITC), VIVIDA has the privilege of hearing the stories of some incredible companies. One of these remarkable stories led to an introduction to The Soap Co., an ethical luxury brand.

At The Soap Co., 80{358ee01e5065d20c0e5b9445645cef53a9ac01217880399d74bbe9e2233cb053} of their staff are either blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. In our desire to discover more, VIVIDA visited Soap Co. to experience their great work first hand. We walked away heartened and inspired, sincerely believing that there was a story to be told.

Since they are a social enterprise that provides training and work opportunities for people who are visually impaired, have disabilities or are otherwise disadvantaged, we wanted to tell their story and make their voice heard.

The Time to Rethink project

We uncovered the fact that some employees felt disconnected from society. They were perceived as outsiders, misunderstood by their community. All of Soap Co.’s profits go back into their business so that they can provide these opportunities and reach more people who need them. To help them do that, we wanted to encourage others to rethink and change their perceptions of disability, which is how the Time to Rethink name for our project was born.

This change of perception is the most necessary from employers’ perspective. Employers definitely need encouragement to take on people with disabilities and see the ways they can actually change people’s lives for the better.

And with only 20{358ee01e5065d20c0e5b9445645cef53a9ac01217880399d74bbe9e2233cb053} of blind people being employed, this is an issue that definitely needed to be talked about more.

So we decided to tell the stories of four incredible individuals who shared a common thread of overcoming adversity with the help and support of Soap Co. To achieve this, we wanted the audience to truly see and experience their everyday lives, which is why we showed many aspects of their day, like the time in the factory, with their families, in their homes, on their long commute, and doing everyday tasks.

We mixed this with the interviews in the simplicity of a studio, with no distractions, emphasising these incredible individuals narrating their stories.

See the final results and how we told this powerful story:

These four stories convey a sense of unity and highlight the importance of the communities perception of disability. Now we want to hear from you – what did you think of Soap Co.’s story? What can employers do to change their perception of disability?

Don’t forget to share this and use the #WorldSightDay hashtag!

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