VIVIDA’s Simeon Launches a New Light for Rotolight at Pinewood Studios

VIVIDA’s CEO Simeon was proud to be invited to help launch the Rotolight NEO 2, world’s first all-in-one continuous LED light and high-speed sync flash, along with Jason Lanier at Pinewood Studios.

Pinewood Studios are the home of filmmaking, with James Bond films, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean being some of its most well-known productions, so it was a true privilege to participate in this event.

NEO 2 provides you – the creative image maker – with more creative options than ever! Because of its outstanding colour accuracy, you’ll spend less time in post-production, and its versatility allows you to use it for both photography and video, including interviews, filmmaking, and corporate videos.

It’s super lightweight and portable. And as opposed to usual low power of small lights, NEO 2 gives you 90 minutes’ use at full power. It now also features a built-in wireless trigger so you can wirelessly control colour temperature and brightness and focus on your job, without worrying about inconsistent results or light failing.

NEO 2 can be mounted both on and off camera for ultimate creative control!

As the proud user of Rotolight in small and large-scale productions, it’s VIVIDA’s huge honour to be part of such launch event with Rotolight at Pinewood Studios. Don’t forget to check out the video from the day:

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